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Check Roulette

Dining out has never been so thrilling. 


Eat & Drink with us on a Monday for the chance to win your bill amount back as a Kelp voucher. 


Here’s how it works:


  • Dine in or get takeaway at Kelp on a Monday. 

  • We will print your reciept

  • Write your name and phone number on the receipt 

  • Fold it up, chuck it in the jar

  • Go home and think about what you’ll be spending your voucher on

  • Wait for us to text you if you are the lucky winner!


If you are the winner, you’ll get a voucher in the dollar amount you spent that night. 


Had a takeaway chicken burger? You’ll get that back.

Took the family out for dinner? You’ll get that back. 

No matter how big or small your bill is, it’ll go in the draw.

One winner will be drawn after the last check is paid, each Monday. 


** Each draw entry is each transaction**

** Bills that are split will be entered seperately**

** Voucher cannot be used on a following Monday as a draw entry**

** Max table size is 8pax**


Taco Tuesday

Like all "tex-mex" style venues, Tuesdays are for Tacos. 

All of our tacos on our regular menu are discounted as are our 3 most popular margarita flavours.

$16 Coconut, Chilli and Classic Margaritas

$16 Taco serves (2pcs)

Every Tuesday 5pm onwards.

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